Borris House

Track info

County: Carlow

Soil Type: Brown Earth - coarse loamy

Fences per circuit: 5

Fences per 3 mile race: 16

Direction: Left-Handed

Course Distance: 1.0m

Elevation Change (Highest to Lowest Point):


A track renowned for producing nice ground right through the winter months, Borris House is a big wide easy course that typically draws big fields to the only currently active course in Carlow, which first held a point-to-point in 2011.

Taking place on the estate of the ancestral home of the MacMurrough Kavanagh`s, Kings of Leinster, there are five fences on each circuit, including a line of three in the home straight. Whilst the runners may race up the home straight on four occasions, due to the location of the start and finishes, the line of three fences is only jumped in its entirely at the end of laps one and two.

Races begin on the entrance to the home straight and the runners bypass the first of the trio of fences, pulling out to jump fences one and two which are located on either side of the winning post. Quickly turning left-handed, the field race downhill on a short straight before again turning left handed into the back. That second, easier bend, marks the commencement of a notable climb to the third which levels out a number of strides before the fence. The remainder of the course is very flat, with the runners continuing along the back straight, before a slight left-handed bend brings them into the side of the course, where fence four is located.

There is then a good run on the level before the next fence, as they pass by their point of departure in the home straight to meet the line of three fences, which can come up quite quickly. On the final circuit, these first two fences are jumped, before a very short run-in.

During the 2017/18 season alone, two of the four-year-old winners at the Carlow venue featured within the six most expensive point-to-point horses sold at public auction that year.


Borris is a very nice track and it is very fair. When the ground is drier in the spring, things can happen that bit quicker, but when there is a nice ease in the ground, it is a very fair course.

It can take a lot of rain which is why the December meeting is usually so popular. When many other meetings are called off, you will often find that Borris is still raceable, which is great for everyone.

I really enjoy riding around there and it is always produced in good condition. To me, I find it very straight forward to ride, it is very fair, and I find that nine times out of ten, the best horse on the day will win.